Croteam offers free Serious Santa skin for a very BFE Christmas

The latest update for Serious Sam: BFE includes a Christmas bonus for players: a free Santa skin to turn multiplayer matches into a re-enactment of Silent Night, Deadly Night. The skin will appear in your menu as soon as you update the game – and once lobbies start filling up with sackfuls of Santas (Santae? Santi?), it’ll be a very confusing and violent Christmas indeed. Which is likely exactly what developer Croteam had in mind…

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Above: We’re hoping for a Futurama Santa skin, too

It’s fitting that Serious Sam should show up with one of the year’s first notable Christmas bonuses: after all, this is a game that thrives on its ‘old-skool’ credibility, and wacky seasonal add-ons were par for the course in the days Sam seeks to recreate. Bonus points for waiting until well after Thanksgiving, not to mention Sam’s conspicuous reluctance to step into the role of Kris Kringle. If your local Mall Santa was packing a sidearm larger than most young children, you probably wouldn’t suggest he remove his sunglasses either.

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