Little-known Elden Ring horse mechanics will turn your Tarnished into a master equestrian

If there’s one thing From Software loves, aside from testing your resolve, it’s obscurity. As such, their games rarely explain the many mechanics that you’ve got available. And Elden Ring, the developer’s newest offering, is no different. 

But to help you conquer The Lands Between, YouTube channel Iron Pineapple has put together a video detailing many tricks and hidden mechanics that will help to keep you alive a little bit longer. Many of these relate to Torrent; it turns out our spectral steed isn’t only helpful for quickly getting around the map.

As the video demonstrates, the amination for mounting your horse makes you immune to all damage for a couple of seconds, and this handy trick also works for dismounting. It may only provide invincibility for the briefest of time, but if used wisely, it can completely negate the damage of a heavy slam attack that could otherwise prove costly.

Another helpful Torrent-related trick lets you jump from high areas without taking fall damage. Spirit Springs are littered throughout the land and allow you to get to higher ground quickly, but you can also leap from the top to get to lower locations safely.

Horse combat can also be more effective than it might first seem. By holding down the strong attack button while riding, you can create an active hitbox alongside you. “You can drag a greatsword along the ground,” IronPineapple explains, “or if you want to be extra cool, you can twirl some twinblades. You can also use this to combo bigger enemies over and over with larger weapons”. Additionally, you can do a finisher on an enemy you’ve knocked off their horse as well as change direction mid-air while on horseback.

If you’re stuck exploring The Lands Between on foot, check out our guide on how to summon the horse in Elden Ring.

The Lands Between is a big place with many secrets. Leave no stone unturned with our Elden Ring Guide

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