Les Grossman movie officially happening

Tom Cruise’s sleazy, bloated, rap-loving alter ego Les Grossman is set to star in his own movie.

The foul-mouthed movie studio executive first appeared in 2008 comedy Tropic Thunder .

Despite a host of zany, often very politically incorrect, characters, it appears Cruise’ scene stealing turn in a fat suit and bald cap of all things has made a last impression on audiences – and Paramount want more.

Rumours began surfacing early last summer, before the studio made it official – even going as far as attempting to promote Grossman as a real person, a la Sacha Baron Cohen’s creations Bruno and Borat .

Nothing since then had been mentioned.

However, in the run up to the US Comedy Awards, Superbad ‘s Bill Hader has confirmed it is still being made, and went as far to the movie had even been “written and is close to arriving in theatres.”

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World scribe Michael Bacall has penned the script which will, apparently, focus on Grossman’s “inspiring” life story.

Robert Downey, Jr. received a Best Supporting Actor nod for his role as method actor Kirk Lazarus in Tropic Thunder , but it remains to be seen whether he, or the likes of Ben Stiller and Jack Black, will return for this venture.

No word yet on who will direct the picture, or as to when it might be released.

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