Joel Edgerton takes a trip in the Wish You Were Here trailer

Australian thriller Wish You Were Here has unveiled its first trailer.

It’s an intriguing promo, promising both exotic locations and scorching home-based showdowns.

But, to be honest, we’d be interested in anything that starred Joel Edgerton and Teresa Palmer, two of the hottest exports from Oz vying for the title of ‘New Hugh Jackman/Cate Blanchett’ (delete as applicable).

Kieran Darcy-Smith is directing from a script he co-wrote with Felicity Price (one of the four main stars).

The gist is that two couples go on holiday to south-east Asia, but only three people make it back. As the returnees’ home lives start to crumble, the mystery of what happened on the trip is gradually revealed.

It looks like moody, thought-provoking stuff, so check out the trailer:

Wish You Were Here is playing at the Sundance Film Festival in January, and will hopefully get a release at some point in the 12 months following.

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