Jennifer Lawrence to star in Steven Spielbergs war story Its What I Do

Exciting casting news to bring you this morning, with Deadline (opens in new tab) reporting that Jennifer Lawrence is set to collaborate with Steven Spielberg on war story It’s What I Do.

According to the report, Warner Bros. has just snapped up the rights to the property, which will be an adaptation of photojournalist Lynsey Addario’s recently published memoir of the same name.

As part of a hugely colourful career, Addario covered the American invasion of Afghanistan post-9/11, documented the civilian causalities of the Iraq War, and was even kidnapped during the civil conflict in Libya. Plenty there then for an engrossing story…

Deadline’s report notes that there were several other high-profile suitors for the property, with Darren Aronofosky and George Clooney both interested in directing, and Natalie Portman, Reese Witherspoon and Margot Robbie all touted as potential stars.

Spielberg’s slate is looking pretty hectic at present, but with the director having previously expressed an interest in tackling the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (he was attached to American Sniper at one point), Warner will be hoping a deal can be struck…

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