Jennifer Lawrence on The Hunger Games cast: Video Interview

The Hunger Games is finally in cinemas at the end of this week, and anticipation is building to feverish levels.

We recently caught up with actress Jennifer Lawrence , who’s set to leap from ‘incredibly talented indie actress’ best known for her Oscar-nommed turn in Winter’s Bone and a sizeable supporting role in X-Men: First Class , to ‘genuine global superstar’.

Katniss is a fiercely independent contestant, but she bonds with a fair few characters throughout the course of the first story, and when we asked if she bonded with anyone in particular during the shoot, she was quick to tell us that she shared an affinity with Josh Hutcherson , who plays fellow tribute Peeta.

She also told us about the experience of working with legendary names like Woody Harrelson and Donald Sutherland , so check out her full response below:


Keep your eye out for more from Jennifer Lawrence this week.

The Hunger Games opens on 23 March 2012. Read our Hunger Games review .

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