Jeffrey Archers novel A Matter Of Honour to become a movie

Former British politician Jeffrey Archer could be the new Robert Ludlum if producer Frank Marshall has his way: he’s developing a movie version of Archer’s novel A Matter Of Honour .

The tale was written in 1986 but set 20 years earlier, and it follows Adam Scott, a man who goes on the run from the KGB and the CIA after receiving a Pandora’s Box of a letter from his military father.

Scott appears in a follow-up novel, Honour Among Thieves , which is also expected to be brought to the big screen.

Marshall, who has produced the Bourne and Indiana Jones movies, said the following via a statement: “Jeffrey Archer is a master storyteller whose suspenseful plots and compelling characters have the potential for a multi-feature film franchise with both domestic and international appeal.”

Canadian private equity firm New Franchise Media snapped up the rights to this and nine more Archer thrillers last year, which sounds like a move with franchise potential.

Archer has written a vast number of books over the years (both fiction and non-fiction), but he’s still possibly best known on these shores for his time spent as a politician, and the scandal that saw him end up in jail in 2001.

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