Infinity Blade FX brings the iOS hit to arcades

Touchscreen RPG Infinity Blade is set to transcend the portable-sized screens on which it made its name with the release of Infinity Blade FX, a large-screen coin-op port for release in arcades. The arcade version of the iOS hit is set to debut at Salt Lake City’s GEEX consumer expo this weekend before being launched in Dave & Buster’s locations throughout the country by month’s end.

Chair Entertainment, creators of the iOS original (and Shadow Complex), worked with parent company Epic Games and arcade gaming company Adrenaline Amusements in developing the game’s custom 46”-screen cabinet, which comes in both single- and multi-player configurations. The arcade version of Infinity Blade follows fellow iOS hit Fruit Ninja in utilizing Adrenaline’s TouchFX platform for big-screen multi-touch play. And just think, it wasn’t too long ago that mobile phones would be lucky to receive a hand-me-down version of the latest big arcade title…

Oct 13, 2011

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