Indie Royale Xmas Bundle spreads the gaming spirit

There’s no shortage of holiday games sales to take advantage of this season, but for thrifty gamers whose tastes run less mainstream, the Indie Royale crew is now offering an Xmas Bundle packed with independent goodness for less than you’d pay for an ironic Christmas sweater.

Serving now until December 25, the Xmas Bundle looks to be a feast of festive time-killers. As mentioned, it includes Klei Entertainment’s puzzle game Eets, and Wadjet Eye Games’ point-and-click series, The Blackwell Trilogy. Also on offer are 800 North’s Nazi dinosaur adventure, Dino D-Day, and chubigans’ tongue-in-cheek sim, The Oil Blue.

As is the Indie Royale way, the bundle’s price fluctuates based on the generosity of its buyers. For instance, those who pay above the minimum price help drive down the cost; and in this case, those who pay up to a certain ‘star’ level will also receive a Christmas-themed chiptune album composed by Rush Coil.

At time of print, the minimum price sits at $4.18 ($1.05 a game), with nearly 20,000 bundles sold. The bundles can also be sent as a gift – you know, in case you were wondering what to get that hard-to-shop-for journalist.

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