How to get Payday: The Heist for free!

We like free stuff. And we like good stuff. So when someone offers us free stuff and good stuff, we can’t help but be excited.

Such is the case with the “First Annual PlayStation Network PLAY” initiative announced by SCEA today. It’s a bit confusing for simpler folk like us, but we’ve parsed the details of this deal so you don’t have to.

Starting Aug. 9, gamers can pre-order select games. Each pre-order comes with theme for the PS3. And each game, when purchased, comes with an additional gift. Even better: PlayStation Plus members (anyone? anyone?) will receive an automatic 20% off any game that’s part of the PLAY lineup.

Finally, the goodest part: Buy all four games by Sept. 19 and you’ll get a voucher code for Payday: The Heist, a game we called “the next big thing for Left 4 Dead fans” in a recentpreview.

Here’s a quick look at the four games in this initiative:

Street Fighter III Third Strike Online Edition (Aug. 23). Gift: Unlock Gill immediately without having to beat the game with every character.

The Baconing (Aug. 30). Gift: Additional co-op character, Roesha – One Bad Mutha.

BloodRayne: Betrayal (Sept. 6). Gift: Exclusive dynamic theme and virtual item for Home avatar. (And with the 360 version delayed till Oct. 5, this is also a rare third-party PSN timed exclusive!)

Renegade Ops (Sept. 13). Gift: Vehicle & Character Pack including two new vehicles and special weapons.

Aug 5, 2011

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