Harmonix CEO pledges support for disabled gamers

Alex Rigopulos, the co-founder and CEO of Harmonix, the studio behind Rock Band and the original Guitar Hero, personally donated $10,000 to the Able Gamers Foundation on Monday.

Able Gamers (opens in new tab)is a charity founded in 2004 dedicated to working with developers in order to make games more accessible to disabled players. In the past they’ve worked with Mythic Entertainment to help make Warhammer Online more accessible, and advised Blizzard on how to make World of Warcraft more useable for colorblind players.

Harmonix will work with Able Gamers to make its games more accessible in the future. “I believe that finding ways to better accommodate people with disabilities is a vitally important responsibility for the videogame industry. Harmonix is working with the AbleGamers Foundation to learn what we can do in future products to be as inclusive as possible,” said Rigopulos.

The Able Gamers Foundation also runsAblegamers.com (opens in new tab), a website dedicated to reviewing and covering videogames from an accessibility perspective.

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Apr 26, 2011

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