Halo 5s Spartan Companies are stat-tracking supersoldier clans

Halo 5: Guardians (opens in new tab) will feature clan support for those looking to join a group of like-minded supersoldiers – just don’t call them clans. Spartan Companies, as developer 343 and publisher Microsoft refer to these groups, are already live (opens in new tab), meaning you can start your recruitment drive now.

Like most such systems, Spartan Companies feature plenty of customization options. Emblems, banners, descriptions, and even motto are all malleable. Each Company can hold up to 100 members, though each player can only be a part of one Company at a time. Join or create a Company with at least four members and you’ll get a free REQ pack (part of Halo 5’s unlock system) (opens in new tab). Each Company will also get its own forums hosted on Halo Waypoint so teammates can communicate and coordinate with one another outside of the game.

Now to start thinking of a good Company name. I’m thinking “Team Butts.” Because I am 12.

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