Full Red Band trailer for Neighborhood Watch online now

Neighborhood Watch , or The Watch , as it shall henceforth be known, has released a full trailer online (and it’s a Red Band one).

We’re not going to complain about that simplification of the title, as it saves us the hassle of worrying about the Neighborhood/Neighbourhood issue for the UK.

The trailer (which earns its Red Band for a slew of naughty words) induces some serious chuckles. If you’re didn’t originally dig the conceit (bored blokes in a neighbourhood watch scheme stumble upon an alien conspiracy), this footage is likely to win you over.

Ben Stiller, Jonah Hill, Vince Vaughn and Total Film ‘s very own columnist Richard Ayoade star as the overzealous watchmen on E.T. alert.

The dynamics of the group aren’t laid out in the trailer, but each of the men has a puerile propensity for potty-mouthed dialogue.

Check out The Watch trailer now:

If you needed any more reason to bump this up your most-anticipated-comedy-of-the-year list, it’s directed by Saturday Night Live man Akiva Schaffer, who was behind the underrated gem Hot Rod .

The Watch opens on 29 August 2012.

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