Free-to-play Dungeon Fighter Online heading to XBLA

Following in the footsteps of the PS3’s addition of the free online title FreeRealms, the Xbox 360 is about to get its own open-world, free-to-play experience – Dungeon Fighter Online.

As part of the transition from PC to Xbox Live Arcade, Microsoft will help translate Nexon’s game into eight different languages, opening the title’s availability not only to a new crowd of gamers but entire new populations.

Korean software company Softmax is also helping port the game to the Xbox infrastructure. And, just like on PC, players will be able to download and play without spending a dime, but in order to get new items and upgrades, they’ll have to pay.

The “freemium” business model has hit the PC, smartphones, and tablets, so it was just a matter of time before it starting creeping into consoles.

[Source: Destructoid (opens in new tab)]

Mar 25, 2011

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