First trailer for Skyfall: watch now

Skyfall has released a first official trailer online, in which Daniel Craig’s Bond appears more grizzled, non-nonsense and generally badass than ever before.

The new teaser is fairly light on plot details, settling instead for recreating the mixture of grit and glamour that made Casino Royale such an energising kick-start to the franchise.

Dealings with the plot itself are restricted to a single question and answer session between Bond and an MI6 psychologist. Giving glib, one-word answers to trigger-words like “agent” and “gun”, 007 is stopped in his tracks by the mention of the word “Skyfall”.

Take a look at the new teaser, below…


It’s difficult to know whether Bond and M are on the same page in this first trailer. At first, it seems as though she and Ralph Fiennes look satisfied by Bond’s hesitation, although when he eventually snaps, “done”, the reaction is unclear. Is Bond done with Skyfall, or simply done with the questions?

Elsewhere, there’s plenty of action to savour, as a silhouetted Javier Bardem strolls away from a blazing mansion, and Bond prepares an unseen partner for some unpleasant business ahead. “Some men are coming to kill us,” he explains, “we’re going to kill them first.”

Skyfall opens in the UK on 26 October 2012. Ready the Martinis…

And if you fancy catching up on your 007 movies before Skyfall hits, there’s a big Bond 50 Blu-ray boxset available to pre-order .

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