Film4 FrightFest The 13th poster revealed

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Film4 FrightFest hits a horror milestone this year, as 2012 marks the 13th time for the event.

The poster comes in the classic style we’ve come to expect from the fest, with hideous creatures bathed in a garish green and red hues.

There’s also a very knowing hack at a well known horror franchise in the poster.

Graham Humphreys, who we intervied for our House Of Horror last year , said the following about the poster, which he created with designer Paul Johnstone:

“This year’s 13th FrightFest illustration took its obvious reference point and gave it a Royal Jubilee, Tower Of London beheading. It is an affirmation of who is top dog in fear stakes – and a medal winning gesture.”

The opening and closing night films of this year’s FrightFest will be announced on 8 June, and the full line-up is revealed on 29 June.

FrightFest The 13th takes place from 23 – 27 August. Horror fans, make sure it’s scrawled on your calendar in blood (or the much more socially acceptable red biro).

Keep checking for the latest FrightFest news and announcements.

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