Fallout Shelter gets adorable pets (and lets you buy dozens of them)

Six months after opening its doors, Fallout Shelter is finally overturning its strict “no animals” policy. The latest update to the mobile vault overseer simulator adds in pets, letting you unlock and assign animal companions to your favorite subterranean survivors. And yes, you can totally name your dog “Dogmeat Jr.” Or your cat, for that matter.

You’ll get a free Pet Carrier for logging in after the new update, which you can open like a Vault-Tec Lunchbox, and you can naturally buy more through in-app purchases. On top of being cute as heck, the pets also give special bonuses to whichever Vault Dweller you assign them (they act like a third piece of equipment on top of outfit and weapon); the Common Doberman I got from my free carrier doubles its owner’s health regeneration speed. Rarer pets confer stronger bonuses, with some being more suited to work in the Vault and others to helping out with exploration.

Aside from pets, the update also finally gives you the ability to evict Vault Dwellers. No more waiting for that goon with the comb over and low SPECIAL stats to get eaten by radroaches, now you can just banish him to the Wasteland. Tell him he can come back if he finds a replacement water chip. That always works.

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