These Fallout 4 wallpapers are SPECIAL

If you already know you’re going to max out your Perception first in Fallout 4 (opens in new tab), at the expense of all other stats, Perks, and contact with the outside world, don’t be ashamed. Instead, show off your dedication with one of these handsome fan-made desktop wallpapers.

Reddit user sren0 (opens in new tab) whipped up seven wallpapers in total, one for each SPECIAL stat. Each image has a weathered design and an appropriate Vault Boy illustration, which should get your mind racing with the myriad possibilities contained in each little statistic. Don’t fret if you plan on going jack-of-all-trades – just grab the whole collection and set your desktop to rotate through them.

Before you pick your favorites, make sure you check out Fallout 4’s Perk Chart (opens in new tab), as well as Bethesda’s SPECIAL cartoons for Strength (opens in new tab), Perception (opens in new tab), Endurance (opens in new tab), and Charisma (opens in new tab). Once you’re all brushed up, you can get to work pre-building your character (opens in new tab).

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