Want a Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition? This may be your last chance

Update: Yep, that was quick. It looks like orders for Pip-Boy editions are already offline. It seems like Bethesda may be putting the last units up for sale in waves, so you may have another chance at one before long.

Original story: If you want a Fallout 4 (opens in new tab) Pip-Boy Edition and don’t have one reserved yet, stop reading this and go to the Bethesda Store (opens in new tab) right now. The online shop has put up more units of the hot commodity for all platforms, but you’ll need to go quick, because quantities are likely very limited.

Bethesda said in July that it had reached manufacturing capacity (opens in new tab) for the Pip-Boy Edition – its manufacturers simply couldn’t make any more in time for Fallout 4’s launch on November 10. That means the units up for sale now are probably from canceled orders. It is a collector’s edition, so once those run out, I wouldn’t expect to see more… like, ever.

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