Exclusive: Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic Combats comic covers

This week, Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat hits the Wii, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360, utilizing THQ’s uDraw tablet. In order to defeat Dr. Doom, players need to literally draw their own attacks on the tablet, really taking advantage of the whole “comic book” vibe. Also tapping into the veins of the comic industry is the comic book covers that appear before each chapter, acting as title screens for the upcoming level. We have an exclusive look at each of these covers, and we’ve come up with completely unfounded predictions as to what they may be about. Take a look!

Cover 1

Above: It looks like the first issue kicks off with Dr. Doom harassing the power of lightning. This, obviously, is of great concern to Wolverine, Thor, Iron Man, and Scarlett Witch. Hulk, on the other hand, looks like he just smelled something foul. Maybe Dr. Banner gains an enhanced Hulk-smell when he Hulks out, and his big, Hulk nostrils are getting a whiff of the smell from inside of Doom’s uncleaned mask. Smells… cheesy.

Cover 2

Above: Doom has stopped flying around in favor of committing evil deeds. Now it’s up to Thor, the Invisible Woman, and Falcon to take down MODOK, who has what might be the creepiest grin we’ve ever seen. Seriously, wasn’t this game supposed to be for kids? MODOK looks like he’s ready to buy a big, white, floating van to drive around terrorizing children in.

Cover 3

Above: This might sound uninformed or speculative, but… we’re going to guess that MODOK won and killed all of the heroes on Cover 2. That’s our guess. Now, Red Skull (wearing a sensible green jumpsuit and Mario gloves) is using his dark powers to summon a Sentinel (who recently decided to get new braces) to kill Captain America, Reptil, and, wait, is that Squirrel Girl? Seriously? They put Squirrel Girl in this game? That’s really obscure and awesome.

Cover 4

Above: MEANWHILE, in Hulk’s apartment, it turns out that that smell that was bothering Hulk in Cover 1 was coming from his fridge and not the disgusting space between Doom’s mask and his face. His best buddy, Abomination, came over to help with his dust-buster, but it, too, has been hit with Gamma radiation, and the smell is now a sentient ghost! With the help of Scarlett Witch and Iron Man, Hulk is able to destroy the smell… or is he? (We think this issue will get its own spin-off series where the smelly left-overs from Hulk’s fridge team up with Deadpool and Wolverine).

Cover 5

Above: Remember that Sentinel (the one that was getting corrective surgery on his teeth) from Cover 3? He’s back, and he’s carrying around Doom, who has apparently lost the ability to fly. Luckily he still has the power of lightning, and he’s going to use it to kill the heroes. Well, unless they all band together and fight their foe in one, large, epic battle, of course, but why would they do that?

Cover 6

Above: Color us surprised! All of the heroes (even the ones we thought died at the head of MODOK on Cover 2!) have banded together for one large, final battle atop a building. Sadly, they might be too late! Doom has been hit by the growing ray from Honey I Blew Up the Kids and he’s going on a rampage!

Or, at least, that’s what we thought when we looked at these covers. We’d like to hear your captions, too! What do you think these comic covers signify?

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