Watch an exclusive deleted scene from Wreck-It Ralph online now

Wreck-It Ralph saw the titular videogame villain trekking across various virtual gameworlds on a personal mission to discover his heroic side.

In the finished film, Ralph visits alien shoot-em-up Hero’s Duty and candy-coloured racer Sugar Rush , but he had other planned excursions that never made the final cut.

Such as? Well, the laidback land of Extreme Easy Living 2 , where Ralph goes looking for a relaxing break. He’s happy enough to kick back and collect gold coins, before he discovers it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

We’ve got an exclusive look at the deleted scene, which is taken from the special features of the Blu-ray release. Based on animated storyboards, the clip is an intriguing glimpse at what could have been, and it’s also a chance to sample an earlier incarnation of Ralph himself, who was originally styled as some kind of monster/ape hybrid. Still had the giant arms/fists, mind.

Check out the exclusive clip below:

Wreck-It Ralph is available on DVD and Blu-ray from 3 June 2013.

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