E3: Miyamoto hints at third Pikmin for Wii U

“There are two sides to me today,” Shigeru Miyamoto told attendants to Nintendo’s E3 roundtable: “The corporate side that wants to follow the precedent we set for E3 of not announcing any titles, and the creative side of me.” That second side prevailed, however, and the producer couldn’t resist namedropping an early title for Wii U, an early first-party confirmation for the console and a revival for a series long close to the hearts of fans and Miyamoto alike: a new Pikmin.

The Pikmin series hasn’t seen an update since the GameCube originals were ported to Wii’s New Play Control line. However, series hero Captain Olimar’s appearance in Smash Bros Brawl confirmed Nintendo haven’t forgotten the series (you’d be surprised what can slip your mind when you’re going on 122 years old), and occasional news of a Wii successor kept the series alive until Miyamoto decided to pull a Twilight Princess and port the new title to Wii U: citing the new machine’s “fancy new graphics and controller,” Miyamoto says he “got the feeling it’s the perfect game for that system.”

Well, shit, Shigeru Miyamoto might be elbow-deep in Wii U development every day, but you’ve watched the press conference and read a page about what the machine’s made of, so let’s have your thoughts on whether Pikmin will be a good fit for the new machine. How do you see the new title working? Are you excited?

June 8, 2011

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