Dragons Dogma beginners guide – tips for starting your adventure

Dragons Dogma

The aim of this guide is to provide some basic tips that will help you hit the ground running in the land of Gransys. Crafting, party management, fast travel and changing your vocation, its all covered here. So dont let the Ur-Dragon and his friends intimidate you! Stand up to these dogmatic dragons with our game changing tips.

Your main Pawns vocation matters more than your own

Support Pawns, the ones you recruit from Rift Stones, arent as effective in these life saving roles. You wont be able to control their behavior as readily, so your main Pawn is your best line of defense. Until you find your dragon-slaying legs in the world of Gransys, stick with this safe, basic set-up.

Make easy cash with notice board quests

These quests pay well, youll be able to grind for gold and buy your first set of decent armor quite quickly. Make sure you grab these quests at every opportunity, they dont have a time limit and youre missing out on easy cash if you dont.

Spread your gold around evenly

If your main Pawn is a Fighter, getting him some decent armor and a shield should be a priority as well. Dont bother equipping your support Pawns with anything, they come with level appropriate gear anyway. Also, the game will warn you that whatever gear you give them will become a gift to their owners. You wont be getting it back.

Armor enhancements require a lot of random junk

So dont chuck that stuff but dont let it encumber you, either. Store it at an inn, and when you visit the blacksmith, any item you need will automatically be withdrawn from storage. Same goes for mixing curatives, hold on to everything and store it up until you can make something useful.

Change support Pawns often

When selecting support pawns, look at their skills and spells. Try to pick ones that will round out your party, or if you know what you will be up against, pick ones that will have an edge against your foes. For example, holy damage works well on the undead, ice freezes goblins, and when facing flying enemies, a Mage with Grapnel is a godsend.

Stuck? Outsource some high level help

Higher levels Pawns arent always the answer, though. Sometimes youll encounter fights you just arent ready for. Always be assessing the odds, and have an exit strategy in mind if you need to hightail it outta there. Then come back a few levels later and seek bloody vengeance!

Adjust your Pawns behavior with the Knowledge Chair and Rift Merchant

When changing your Pawns vocation, make sure to adjust his behavior accordingly. Have a quick chat in the Knowledge Chair, theres one in the Pawn Guild in Gran Soren and in the Inn at Casadeis. However, the quickest way to teach an old Pawn new tricks is by buying potions from a Rift Merchant. Youll find one at The Encampment, right by the Rift Stone.

Turn off the on-screen Pawn chatter

Pawns always repeat their most important advice, especially if they think you didnt understand. Theyll pretty much blab at you until youve done what theyre suggesting, or until it no longer applies.

Speak with and favorite wandering Pawns

Always favorite Pawns you meet on the road. You can have a hundred or so favorite Pawns, so if you meet one that could be useful in a specific situation, theres no reason not to mark it for later use.

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