Doctor Who The Doctors Wife Spoiler-Free Preview

20 tantalising titbits about the Neil Gaiman-penned episode that’ll captivate you next week

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1 There’s something in the pre-credit teaser that settles an argument that’s been raging in fandom for some time

2 In fact, the whole episode is peppered with cool continuity references, allusions and in-jokes

3 It’s a great, great episode. Very Gaiman (even within the first minute). Not prefect, but the good bits are so good you won’t worry too much

4 One aspect of the story that doesn’t quite deliver, presumably for budgetary reasons, is something that could have involved lots of sets instead but is reduced, largely, to just one multipurpose one… But it’s still fun with a great pay-off

5 Suranne Jones is just stunning in a very challenging role

6 The Doctor is challenged on some fundamental beliefs

7 There are three different versions of one of the series’ icons, two familiar, one completely new

8 Rory waits. Again

9 There are some genuinely sweet, emotional moments

10 There’s some dialogue to die for: some of our favourite examples include the words “ladder”, “winner”, “dancing”, “sexy”, “PE teacher” and “wish really hard”.

11 While it’s not what you’d call action packed, it’s very pacy and cracks along

12 The script demands a couple of aspects of the Eleventh Doctor we have haven’t seen before and Smith acts these scenes beautifully

13 There are some very pretty special FX

14 A revelation about Rory and Amy’s sleeping arrangements will doubtlessly inspire thousands to post, think or tell their mates the same gag

15 Not sure if it’s intentional, but there’s a bit of a “Brain Of Morbius” vibe going on (in two regards)

16 The Doctor leaps in the bath

17 Someone gets their teeth into the Doctor

18 There are some magical musical queues

19 A familiar sound effects is used in some unfamiliar situations

20 The writing’s on the wall for Amy, and it’s quite shocking

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