Daniel Radcliffe describes Horns as “rock n roll”

Daniel Radcliffe has done a sterling job shaking off the shackles of type-casting since graduating from Hogwarts, more than earning his place in the Future 100 in issue 207 of Total Film magazine .

Inside the issue, we look at movies, stars and trends shaping the future, and we chat to Radcliffe about his eclectic slate, including beat-lit flick Kill Your Darlings , and demonic adaptation Horns .

On the latter, the Alexandre Aja-directed adaptation of Joe Hill’s novel, Radcliffe told us about how the film evades any easy genre classification.

“The first third starts off like some bizarre absurdist comedy, and then it becomes this epic tragic love story and revenge saga with elements of horror, fantasy, religion and everything else you can imagine along the way,” he explained. “And rock’n’roll, that’s another important influence in the movie. I saw it the other day and I do think that Alexandre has done an amazing job.”

On Horns ‘ status as a horror film, Radcliffe added:

The Woman In Black is more authentically horror. Horns has horror elements in it but it’s not really a horror film. “There’s one sequence where – in Alex’s words – we go into full slasher movie mode. Generally speaking, it’s never just one thing, which is why it will be a challenging film to market.”

Horns will open in late 2013.

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