Blizzard offers Diablo 3 fans a closer look at Leahs pores

Further fueling the fire for Diablo 3 fandom, Blizzard Entertainment has posted what appears to be some serious screenshots of Leah from the game’s cinematic cutscenes. As the adopted daughter of series scribe Deckard Cain, Leah replaces the wise loremaster as narrator for Diablo 3’s opening cinematic – and will accompany you on quests throughout the game. Now, let’s take a real close look at her pores!…

The screen grabs were recently posted on the official Diablo Facebook fan page with the following text:

“Man’s pleasures give way to pain. His truths are buried in the shroud of lies. It is this time when Hell shall reign. While all of man dies.” – From the Guhawj Cave Inscriptions in Kehjistan, inked in blood by an unknown author

Expect more Diablo 3 details in addition to the latest on StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm and World of Warcraft when BlizzCon 2011 kicks off later this week on October 21.

Oct 17, 2011

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