Black Ops 3 pre-orders let you return to Nuketown (again)

Black Ops’ celebrated legacy of bathing quaint little villages in nuclear fire will continue in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 (opens in new tab). But if you want to get Nuk3town for free, you’ll have to pre-order the game on PC, PS4, or Xbox One – last-gen versions are out of luck.

As you might have already surmised from the name, Nuk3twon is the third version of the close-quarters map that debuted in the original Black Ops – Nuketown 2025 was similarly offered as a pre-order bonus for Black Ops 2. Developer Treyarch is reworking the map to take advantage of Black Ops 3’s new movement mechanics (opens in new tab), but it should still feel familiar for fans of its previous incarnations.

Judging by the buildings and vehicles shown in Nuk3town’s teaser art, it looks like the map has finally shed its ’50s/’60s retro-futurist aspirations for more, er, futuristic futurism. Despite the change in ambience, I still feel pretty confident in saying it will all get blown to smithereens at the end of the match. While you’re weighing your pre-order options, don’t forget that a bonus level for Zombies (opens in new tab) is included in all the special editions.

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