The Binding of Isaacs Wrath of the Lamb Mega Expansion coming next month

The Binding of Isaac’s Wrath of the Lamb expansion (opens in new tab) will be ready for download late next month, announced (opens in new tab) Isaac’s proud creator, Edmund McMillen, today (via Joystiq (opens in new tab)). While the original Isaac (opens in new tab)’s dad was the knife-happy one, gaming’s favorite hysterically-crying little diabolist will get a stack of new items, frenemies and achievements when his progenitor’s hard work finally comes to fruition – whereas his mother will still be trying to kill him.

McMillen says Team Meat has been working on the $3 DLC – Isaac’s first and last add-on – for longer than the actual game itself, which is still in the news thanks to its irresistible mix of Zelda-style dungeon-crawling, Robotron-style shooting, and Swedish-death-metal-style religious iconoclasm. Yes, the game’s truly got something for everyone, with the possible exception of people who think spitting devil-blood onto piles of damned excrement could possibly be less than a laff riot. (Don’t knock it, etc).

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