Bethesda PC launcher is shutting down in May

The Bethesda PC launcher is being retired, with the entire games library transferring to Steam.

Bethesda announced the fairly sudden change of course for its PC launcher earlier today on February 22. At some point in early April, the Bethesda PC launcher will begin shutting up shop, and users will be able to transfer any games they own over to their Steam library.

📣 ATTENTION PC PLAYERS: We are retiring the Bethesda Launcher and moving to Steam. Here’s everything you’re going to want to know about what to expect and how to migrate your Bethesda Library to Steam: 22, 2022

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However, it won’t be until May that the launcher will officially close its doors. The early April period is when transfers from the Bethesda launcher to Steam officially kick off, but users on the Bethesda PC launcher will still be able to play their games on said launcher until May.

Basically, this gives users a month-long window to transfer their games library over to Steam. It’s not only the games library that’s taking a hike though. Any money that you currently hold in your wallet on the Bethesda PC launcher can also be transferred to your Steam wallet with immediate effect as of early April.

Additionally, you’ll be able to transfer your game saves over. Bethesda’s website FAQ page (opens in new tab) indicates that this transfer will mostly occur automatically, but also claims that in some specific cases, users will need to manually transfer over their game save data. We can probably expect more details on this transfer process further down the line.

Bethesda’s actually devoted an entire page (opens in new tab) to Fallout 76. As long as your Steam account is linked to the account you used to sign up to Fallout 76, all your save data, progress, and purchases will transfer with you when the Bethesda launcher closes its doors. From the look of the FAQ page, no player progress in Fallout 76 will be affected by the move.

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