Batman Arkham Knight brings back the villains in the Season Of Infamy DLC today

Finally the juiciest looking slice of Batman Arkham Knight DLC is arriving today. The Season Of Infamy expansion includes missions starring four of Dark Knight’s foes. Killer Croc, the Mad Hatter, Mr Freeze and Ra’s Al Ghul are all arriving in Gotham like a giant villainous reunion party where everyone has to pretend to be even more evil and murderous than they actually are.

“Bringing back four key characters for this DLC was no small undertaking,” says Rocksteady’s Guy Perkins on the PlayStation Blog (opens in new tab). “Each character model was built from scratch to make the most of the game engine updates and give you, our fans, visually new-gen super-villains. For example, I just love the way Killer Croc is now even more powerful looking, his mutation so severe he’s more reptile than man; this comes across not only in his character design, but also in a whole suite of new animations that bring him to life like never before.”

Each mission will also tie up any loose ends from previous games so the relationships will follow on. Batman and Mr Freeze are on reasonably friendly terms in ‘In From The Cold’, while ‘Shadow War’ holds a morally questionable mission involving Ra’s Al Ghul. ‘Wonderland’ is a suitably hallucinogenic mission starring the Mad Hatter, and apparently Killer Croc is bigger and badder than ever before in ‘Beneath The Surface.’

It’s difficult to say whether or not this new DLC can make up for the last six months of lukewarm season pass content but its certainly doing the right thing bringing back the Dark Knight who has been noticeably absent from the Arkham Episodes. The expansion also includes the 2008 Batsuit and Batmobile skin, as well as a new challenge pack if you aren’t sick of hitting the punch button. Let’s hope this is finally what Gotham deserves.

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