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Marvel, in a surprise move to get bums back on cinema seats for Captain America: The First Avenger , have released the final scene of that film, with a teaser (or teaser teaser) trailer for The Avengers tagged on the end.

The 48-second clip, while not giving away the whole end scene of Captain America , is still a bit of a spoiler, and gives some insight into how The Avengers will follow on from it.

The full Avengers teaser can still only be seen in the cinema, but this clip still gives us a quick look at all the major players.

Marvel are usually very protective of their post-credit trailers, so this marks a departure in tact, but may well prove fruitful in getting those seats re-filled. We’re certainly very excited by it.

So what do we see of The Avengers ? Well, take a look for yourselves:

So there’s a brief shot of all the heroes, a call to arms from Samuel L Jacksons’ Nick Fury, and Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark remarking on Thor’s (Chris Hemsworth’s) ‘mean swing.’

To cap it off we see Thor’s mean swing in action as he chucks his massive hammer at the screen.

Otherwise we get to see the re-designed Captain America and Thor costumes, and that’s about it, but seeing them all together for the first time is enough to raise hype levels in anticipation of the inevitably massive movie.

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