Asuras Wrath demo GR GamePlay

Asura’s Wrath doesn’t hold back when it comes to insane, over-the-top cinematic action scenes with quick-time events. Yes we may be mashing buttons from time to time, but the visual spectacle that unfolds is certainly worth it. Come on, how often do you get a chance to beat up a god that tries to poke you with his giant finger? Check out part one of the demo as we play through the planet sized boss, Wyzen, and give our impressions on the intense, cinematic gameplay.

In the second part of the Asura’s Wrath demo we see the more traditional action gameplay reminiscent of games like Bayonetta and Devil May Cry as we take on another Demigod dead set on destroying Asura while once again involving burning in earth’s atmosphere and super long, earth stabbing swords.

The demo is out and can be downloaded via Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network. Have you punched a god? Let us know what your favorite moment was below. Get ready to kick ass on February 21.

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