Amazing Spider-Man trailer has giant robots to accompany open world

The last two Spider-Man games developed by Beenox had interesting concepts that involved switching dimensions and time travel, but they were missing something huge: New York City! Spidey fans have been dying for a fully open NYC to swing through since Web of Shadows. We knew Beenox’s Amazing Spider-Man game would bring back the greatest city in the world, though we didn’t expect punching giant robots so early on, but that’s what this new trailer has.

Based on the upcoming Andrew Garfield film, this movie adventure of Peter Parker’s is coming to games, but we’re betting this giant robot doesn’t hit the silver screen, as the film promises a more down to earth touch on Spidey. Also, apparently Oscorp, the company owned by Norman Osborn (who may or may not be the Green Goblin this time around), is part of the film universe. For now all that really matters to us is seeing the hero return to his home city. Though we hope we can change the character skin later on, because we aren’t in love with the new movie costume.

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