Aliens: Infestation coming to DS, so you can kill xenomorphs in lovely 2D

Remember when we said the DS isn%26rsquo;t dead yet (opens in new tab)? It turns out in its near-death state it%26rsquo;s incubating a killer alien, meaning at some point the handheld was hit with a facehugger when we weren%26rsquo;t looking. That may mean the system will be dead soon, but not before a new xenomorph adventure explodes from its chest in the form of Aliens: Infestation.

Planned for a September 2011 release, Infestation is being developed by WayForward with some help from Gearbox, the team behind Aliens: Colonial Marines. WayForward is renowned for its skill in creating classic-style 2D games like A Boy and His Blob (opens in new tab), Shantae (opens in new tab), and the upcoming BloodRayne Betrayal (opens in new tab). Now the dev is spreading the love to the Aliens franchise, with promises of iconic weapons and environments from the films. Sega described the game as, %26ldquo;an action-heavy side-scrolling exploration game,%26rdquo; buzz words that would easily fit for the Metroidvania genre, but that could just be wishful thinking.

By the way comic fans, the characters were designed by Chris Bachalo, a well-regarded artist known for his work on Spider-Man, Gen-X, and Vertigo%26rsquo;s Death miniseries among others. Here%26rsquo;s hoping that talented roster can create a game worthy of them.

Jul 20, 2011

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