A third trailer for Green Lantern arrives online

Warner Bros and DC’s summer 2011 superhero effort Green Lantern has landed another new trailer.

Since the earliest teaser was unveiled, Green Lantern has received a lot of flack for the hero’s fully-CGI suit, and it has had its work cut out convincing the naysayers.

While this latest trailer is unlikely to convert the staunchest skeptics, there’s no denying that things have improved considerably, especially when the cossie is seen within the wider, science-fiction-orientated context.

Handily for anyone not quite up to scratch on their Lantern lore, this trailer sees Geoffrey Rush (who voices Tomar-Re) giving a pretty concise summation of the movie’s backstory and the function of the Green Lantern corps on the planet Oa.

There’s also some pretty nifty shots of fear-gobbling entity Parallax, and a further showcase for the ring’s imagination-to-reality powers (Jordan conjures up swords, cars, tanks…)

It’ll be interesting to see whether a mainstream audiences will embrace a sci-fi comic book movie that’s largely set in outer space. Then again, Thor hasn’t done too badly…

Here’s that new trailer:

There’s not long to wait for the finished product now, as Green Lantern is released on 17 June 2011.

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