50 Greatest Movie Parties

Bachelor Party (1984)

The Party: Rick Gassko (Tom Hanks) is thrown the bachelor party to end all bachelor parties, as he attempts to resist cheating on his bride-to-be – and gets more hammered than a rusty old nail.

Don’t Try This At Home: Let a horse snort cocaine and end up OD-ing.

Midnight Cowboy (1969)

The Party: “Wackos, they’re all wackos.” Jon Voight’s cowboy is taken on a tour of New York City’s nightlife, with Dustin Hoffman as his guide. Cue drugs. Lots of ‘em.

Don’t Try This At Home: Get home and don’t know what you’ve been doing all night.

Old School (2003)

The Party: Frank (Will Ferrell) attempts to keep up with the youngsters at a college party – and ends up totally sozzled while endeavouring to uphold his ‘Frank The Tank’ rep.

Don’t Try This At Home: Get so wasted that you end up going for a jog – naked.

Almost Famous (2000)

The Party: “I’m a golden god!” An off-his-face Russell (Billy Crudup) gets onto the roof and then hurls himself through the air into the pool below.

Don’t Try This At Home: Jump from your roof into the pool. Just look what happened to that kid in All The Boys Love Mandy Lane .

Teen Wolf (1985)

The Party: Scott (Michael J. Fox) doesn’t feel too good while at a party, unaware that he’s slowly turning into a werewolf. Which pales in comparison to being locked in a cupboard with Boof (Susan Ursitti).

Don’t Try This At Home: Turn into a werewolf. Not recommended.

Sixteen Candles (1984)

The Party: Jake (Michael Schoeffling) throws one heck of a house party, which ends with the house getting damn near destroyed. Not that Jake intends on cleaning any of it up.

Don’t Try This At Home: Get trapped under a table. You could be there for days.

Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring (2001)

The Party: It’s Biblo’s eleventy-first birthday! Which means all of Hobbiton are out to celebrate, and get well and truly trollied on beer.

Don’t Try This At Home: Set off massive fireworks that you find in Gandalf’s cart.

Clueless (1995)

The Party: Everybody who’s anybody is at this rockin’ fest, where Cher Horowitz (Alicia Silverstone) debuts Tai’s post-makeover new look .

Don’t Try This At Home: Get knocked out by a shoe.

Hannah And Her Sisters (1986)

The Party: Hannah (Mia Farrow) and Elliot (Michael Caine) host Thanksgiving every year. Between the eating and the chit-chat, they manage to set off problems for their guests that will keep them occupied all year.

Don’t Try This At Home: Do try having Thanksgiving at home, instead of going to Hannah’s. It’ll save you a lot of bother.

Festen (1998)

The Party: Helge’s (Henning Moritzen) 60th birthday bash is disrupted when his family make a shocking announcement at the dinner table. It’s all about the timing.

Don’t Try This At Home: Reveal that daddy abused you as a child.

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