24 movie pushed back

The big-screen adaptation of 24 will not begin production this year, despite star Kiefer Sutherland repeatedly asserting that filming was set to begin at some point in 2012.

Deadline reports that Fox have decided against beginning the project due to potential scheduling problems with Sutherland’s new TV show Touch .

Should the series be renewed for a second season, Sutherland would have to report back in autumn, a potential time-frame that would be too rushed for the studio’s liking.

Intriguingly, the script turned in to Fox by screenwriter Billy Ray apparently sets up a storyline that would play out across a trio of instalments, meaning that when Fox do finally decide to get this one up and running, a trilogy could be in the offing.

However, at this point in time the project remains in limbo, with Fox executives still to give it the green light. We can expect further updates when it becomes clear whether or not Touch has been recommissioned, but until then, Jack Bauer remains in retirement…

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