Where is Xur? Destiny 2 Xur location and Exotics for February 25, 2022

Where is Xur? Destiny 2: The Witch Queen players will find the Exotic merchant in the EDZ north of the Winding Cove landing zone until reset time on Tuesday, March 1. Be sure to check out his selection of legendary weapons and armor to see how the rolls compare to your current equipment, and always grab an Exotic engram for your favorite character. You can also buy randomly rolled versions of Hawkmoon and Dead Man’s Tale – though they’ll cost you a pretty penny – and both weapons are well worth owning.

Here are all the Exotics Xur is selling this week:

  • Exotic weapon – Sunshot: kills with this weapon cause enemies to explode, and kills with these explosions can trigger more explosions. One round from Sunshot can wipe out an entire room and it has extremely high stats overall, especially with its Catalyst, so it’s a great pickup.
  • Hunter Exotic – Lucky Pants: readying a hand cannon that deals kinetic damage or your subclass’s damage type gives it a short, stacking damage buff. All of your hand cannons get a massive handling boost. Lucky Pants can turn primary hand cannons into boss melters, but they demand a pretty specific loadout and play style, so don’t expect to put them on and instantly become a six-shooting legend.
  • Titan Exotic – Doom Fang Pauldron: Void melee kills grant Super energy, and during your Sentinel Shield Super, melee kills recharge your Shield Throw and hits with the throw extend your Super. Doom Fang Pauldron turns Sentinel Shield into a crowd-clearing monster by dramatically increasing the Super’s uptime and lethality, so it’s basically the best Captain America cosplay in Destiny 2. 
  • Warlock Exotic – Skull of Dire Ahamkara: you gain damage resistance while throwing a Nova Bomb, and kills with Nova Bomb grant Super energy. Void Warlock has several powerful Exotic options, and the Skull of Dire Ahamkara is a bit too linear and underpowered to make the cut given the competition. It does let you throw more Nova Bombs, but its energy refund is capped so you’ll frequently get diminishing returns. 
  • Hawkmoon trait: Eye of the Storm. This is a solid perk for dueling in PvP, but it’s not a clear winner over the likes of Rangefinder and Moving Target. 
  • Dead Man’s Tale trait: Vorpal Weapon. This is arguably the best perk for Dead Man’s Tale in PvE, and it’s also great in competitive PvP since it shuts down Supers, so if you don’t have this roll, get it. 

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