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Xbox One is home to some amazing games, that’s a given with the likes of Dead Rising 3, Forza Motorsport 5 and Ryse: Son of Rome , already starring in an impressive launch line-up. With more system exclusives like Titanfall and Halo 5 on the way the Xbox One’s gaming future couldn’t be brighter.

But Xbox One also goes beyond games to deliver a custom all-in-one package that caters to your every entertainment need, whether it’s movies, apps or communication. Everything is centred around Xbox One’s most important component, which is you, its end user and this begins on Xbox One’s home screen, where you can gather all your games, apps and entertainment options, easily pinning your favourites onto one handy location.

But don’t think you’ll be tethered to just the actual Xbox One in your living room. When you go on the road, whether visiting a mate’s house for a multiplayer session or travelling to the other side of the world, you can still sign into an Xbox One and all your entertainment and gaming choices travel with you, including your profile, game saves and entertainment options. Your Xbox One favourites are truly as portable as you are.

Traditionally you’ve only been able to do one thing at a time on a games console, but Xbox One breaks that mould as well with its Snap functionality, which allows you to split your screen and enjoy two entertainment windows at once. This gives rise to some really unique opportunities: perhaps you’re watching a movie and want to see who’s playing the mysterious villain?

Maybe you’re watching a vital football match and want to share the agony and ecstasy of a penalty shoot out? Perhaps you just want to share your reactions to the latest must-see Netflix drama? The possibilities are practically endless for combining your entertainment options.

One of Xbox One’s most significant advances is in the field of communication with the integrated Skype app and Kinect sensor. With a 1080p camera and Video Skype calls allowing up to four people to interact at once, instant, crystal clear communication with your friends has never been easier and it’s all available from the comfort of your own living room. All these new opportunities for sharing bring a whole new social dimension to enjoying the latest entertainment

Finally, get ready to ditch all those tired old cliches about entertainment being a passive medium and gamers being welded to their couches with the advent of Xbox Fitness, which is free for a limited time to Gold members.

Using the Kinect sensor’s advanced body mapping abilities, you’ll be able to enjoy a rewarding exercise regime exactly tailored to your own personal requirements, with biometric data and feedback used to shape the experience. From gentle yoga sessions, to the sweat-soaked hardcore Insanity Workout , you’ll be in the hands of some of the world’s leading trainers like Jillian Michaels or Tony Horton and it’s a prime example of how Xbox One has broken the boundaries of traditional entertainment options.

So to experience a brave new world of entertainment, leisure, apps and communication – there’s only one place to be this year and that’s on Xbox One.

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