The Top 7… Best bros in gaming history

We scoured gaming history to find the closest of bros that exemplify the heady high of that intense and awesome brand of friendship. We begin some 25 years ago with…

7. Billy and Jimmy (Double Dragon)

The two young men, dressed in the toughest attire of the era, work together to save Marion, the foxy damsel in distress. After defeating the hundreds of thugs and saving the girl, their friendship is tested, as they must fight to win a kiss from the fair lady (obviously this was made before the groundbreaking “Bros Before Hos” legislation). But like the best of bros they got over it, reuniting for sequels, even teaming with the the broest of amphibians, the Battletoads.

6. Kai and Nariko (Heavenly Sword)

But besides being bound by honor and duty and stuff, theyre totally BFFs. They spent all of their time together, and trust one another with everything. Kai even goes against the clan leaders orders to save Nariko, and Nariko would do the same for her, all because their bromanship goes beyond the words of one man. Its about looking out for your friend your sister your bro.

5. Blade and Striker (Bad Dudes)

Though both are 2D brawlers, what sets apart Blade and Striker from Double Dragons Billy and Jimmy are the stakes of their missions. These bad dudes have to save Pres. Ronnie from dastardly ninjas, lest the whole world fall into turmoil. Fortunately these dudes were bad enough to save the day, which was followed with the bro-licious treat of burgers with the Pres and Secret Service. Theyll be fist-bumping over that for the rest of their lives.

4. Nathan Drake and Sully (Uncharted)

Their cross-generational bromance is proof that the bros of today can learn from their bro elders. Sully’s mustache and cigars might be unfashionable by today’s standards, but he’s still a bro in all the ways that count. Despite his gray hair and tobacco-rich lungs, Sully is able to keep up with Nate when it comes to rock-climbing and casual, gratuitous murder, proving you don’t stop being a bro after you turn 50. Lastly, [SPOILERS] when we thought he died in Uncharted 3, we shed a bro-appropriate amount of tears to mourn our lost bro, as Drake freaked out hardcore over his “death.” [/SPOILERS] All and all, he’s the best bro dad we never had.

3. Every single COG (Gears of War)

At the bro core is the bromantic duo of Marcus and Dom, the best of co-op buddies who have seen it all together and would gladly sacrifice anything for one the other. Then theres the outer network of bros (like the unstoppable Cole Train, baby!), and they’re surrounded by bros (and broettes) who have sick tribal tats and can probably bench press like crazy. They proved that the power of broness can save the world!

2. Elliot Salem and Tyson Rios (Army of Two)

Apparently the armys two best soldiers frat-boys with machine guns, they could even play rock-paper-scissors at any point in the game. Thats seriously a thing in Army of Two, because Elliot and Tyson are bros, and thats how bros make important decisions like how to approach a life or death situations.

1. Mario and Luigi (Mario Bros)

Mario and Luigi work well together in games like Mario Tennis and Mario Kart Double Dash, but the best example of their powerful bromance is in the Mario & Luigi RPG series. They learn dozens of co-op moves and are constantly working in tandem, even speaking in their own strange language instead of actual words. Sometimes a POW block or blue shell might come between them, but just like the best of bros, they shrug off mutual violence with a smile and hallucinogenic mushrooms.

What did we miss, brah?

Sorry, that was rude. This article put us in a weird mind set. Anyway…

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