The SFX Summer Of SF Reading begins now

Pour a beer and settle down with a good read – welcome to three months of bonus book banter in SFX magazine

The latest issue of SFX magazine hits stores today (it’s got Captain America on the cover and a free pop-frisbee to boot!) but if your passion is books and reading then there’s something extra for you inside:

Yep, it’s time for our second annual bumper book bonanza!

The universe of the printed word is a vital part of SFX ‘s remit – and of course each month you’ll find at least one author interview alongside news of significant literary awards and five or six pages of book reviews. Since the redesign this April we’ve also been including a Q&A with a debut author each issue too.

But we’re going to spend the next three months delivering even more coverage than usual! We’ve been saving up some fun fiction-related features for issue 211, including our top 20 greatest heroes of science fiction literature (do you agree with our choices? Let us know …) and a gander at how 21st century technology is changing the publishing business. If you’ve got the remotest interest in writing or publishing yourself, it’s an essential, informative piece by our regular book correspondent Jonathan Wright.

Check out what else you’ll find in the issue on sale this week:

Interview with author George Mann
Competition: Destiny Quest
Interview with author Chris Wraight
Two pages from new book John Dies At The End
Interview with new author Guy Haley
Five pages of book reviews
Book Club: Alfred Bester’s The Demolished Man (analysed by novelist Jon Courtenay Grimwood)

And in the following issue (on sale Wednesday 27 July) you’ll find a look at characters from fantasy literature plus a guide to author legend Dennis Wheatley and an interview with Wolfsangel author MD Lachlan. The whole thing is sponsored by Black Library and you’ll see bonus content (including complete short stories) on throughout the summer too.

Enjoy, and keep reading!

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