The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D cheats

Riding through Hyrule Field or scurrying through the Lost Woods in 3D is a fine treat in small doses, and looks better than most other 3D attempts on the system, but it also happens to look and play great with the 3D turned off.


3DS | Submitted by pittwo


If you hit a stone with a arrow it spins wildly.

3DS | Submitted by Hell0Max

Hidden Skyward Sword Poster

When Link is in the Gerudo hideout after being captured, jump to the ledge on the left after exiting the cell. Eliminate the guards there and smash the wooden boxes. The Poster is hidden behind the boxes.


3DS | Submitted by Mario Jr.

Skulltulla Unlockable Rewards

Adult Wallet: 10 Skulltula Tokens

Stone of Agony: 20 Skulltula Tokens

Giant’s Wallet: 30 Skulltula Tokens

Bombchus: 40 Skulltula Tokens

Piece of Heart: 50 Skulltula Tokens

Huge Rupee: 100 Skulltula Tokens

3DS | Submitted by B0rt

Unlock Master Quest

Unlock Master Quest: Beat the game once. You can now select Master Quest or Normal mode when you start a new game.

3DS | Submitted by StantRed

Unlock Boss Challenge

As Adult Link, before talking for the second time to Sheik at the Time Temple to learn the Prelude of Light, she’ll tell you that in your home you can rest and repeat past battles. That means you’ve unlocked Boss challenge mod. You can now fight all previously conquered bosses. To unlock the last challenge (all bosses one after another) you have to beat them all in the challenge mode.


3DS | Submitted by Scranton

How To Get The Golden Scale

Well if you want to dive the deepest as a kid go to the fishing pond and catch the biggest fish. Then plant a magic bean by the laboratory. After that come back as a grown up and ride the plant to the pond and catch a fish that is at least 15pounds or more then talk to the guy there and he’ll give you the Golden Scale. I found that if you stand in the stream you have a better chance of catching a bigger fish.

3DS | Submitted by Homer Simpson

Easy Way To Beat Volvogia

You should beat the water temple first. When volvogia comes out, bash him with the hammer and take the biggoron’s sword out and L target and slash him. When he flies around you, take out your fairy bow and fire arrows (which you get after the water temple). Shoot the fire arrows at his head and he will go into his hole. Repeat until defeated.

3DS | Submitted by jedigammer

Stone Trick Bomb/Hammer

If you hate the weird stones that tell you the time you can send them to the moon just find a stone place a bomb next to it when it explodes the stone will start counting down then it will blast off/With the Megaton Hammer you can also smash them Note: All stones come back so don’t worry about them

3DS | Submitted by GamermanRoss

Get The Biggorron Sword

First you must get the pocket cucco from the girl in Kakiriko Village and then awake Talon in the house near the Tower. Take the cucco back to the girl to get the blue chicken Cojiro. Take Cojiro to the Lost Woods where you sell the mask and show the chicken to the guy. Give the mushroom to the potion Lady inside the fenced in area. she will give you a weird medicine. Take it back to the Lost Woods. A girl will take the medicine and give you a saw. Take the saw to the carpenter in gerudo Valley and he will give you a broken gorron sword. Take it to the Biggorron at the top of Death Mountain and he will give you a Prescription. Take the Prescription to King Zora (must unfreeze King Zora) and he will give you a frog. Take frog to the seaside laboratory at Lake Hylia and he will give you Eye Drops that you must take to the the Biggorron at the Top of Death Mountain. He will give you a claim check for the Biggorron Sword for after a few days. (use sun song to make days go faster).**(You cannot use warping to transport on timed obstacles or the time will run out instantly)**

3DS | Submitted by RSmooth118

Heart Piece Locations

There are 36 heart pieces located throughout the land of Hyrule. Link searched high and low for each one when all he really needed to do was good deeds.

-In Lon Lon Ranches back storage shed was a heart piece hidden behind a crate.

-Link planted a magic bean right in front of Dodongo’s Cavern where he later recovered a heart peice as an adult.

-In the center of the fenced in area in front of Lake Hylia was a hidden secret grotto that contained a heart piece.

-On the north side of the ranch lied a lone true that concealed a hidden secret grotto.

(have to have Golden Scale or Iron Boots)

-On of the houses in Kakiriko had a caged heart piece iside that he could reach from a balcony.(Use Hookshot or Owl on Death Mountain to reach the balcony)

-A man on a roof in Kakiriko gave link a heart piece for coming up and visiting him.

(Use Hookshot to reach.)

-Link took Dampe the Gravekeepers heart poundng grave dighging tour many times until he found a burried heart piece.

-After Link followed Dampe’s ghost throughout his tomb and reached the end, he found a flight of stairs that led him to the windmill and a heart piece.

-Link completed Dampe’s Ghost race one more tim ein under a minute to recieve a heart piece.

-After link freed the last of the skulltula children,with fifty tokens, he was rewarded with a heart piece.

-Link planted a magic bean at the north end of the graveyard and came back as an adult to find an elevator to a heart piece.

-One of the graves that were in the second row concealed a heart piece.

(Play Sun’s Song to reveal the tresure after defeating the Redead)

-Link played the Song of Storms to the frogs in Zora’s River to receivce a heartfelt award from them.

-After Link had played every normal song he knew to the frogs, they were all huge! He played a fun bug catching game with them on his ocarina and was yet again awarded.

-As a youth, Link used the cuccos near Zora’s River to reach a heart piece that layed on a tower in the middle of the river. As an adult he could return with the hover boots.

-Link yet again used the cuccos at the end of the river to reach another heart piece next to the waterfall. He could also come back as an adult and use the hover boots again.

-Link played the treasure chest game over and over and almost became obsessed with gambling. After he found the lens of truth he was able to beat the game easily and win his prize of a heart piece.

-Bombchu Bowling was one of Links favorite sports even though it was incredibly expensive.Prizes were given out at random so Link was truly happy when he won the heart piece.

-Link thought it was strange that packs of dogs roamed the street at night. One night a whit e dog near the bazaar started following him and he took it to the lady in the back ally.

-One day Link was stumbling through the lost woods when he came across a lonely skull kid.

He played Saria’s Song to cheer him up and recieved a token of their friendship.(Kid Link Only)

-Link went even deeper into the lost woods and found a pair of skull kids playing the flute. he joined in a test of memory and followed the Skull Kid’s notes.(Kid Link Only)

-Link was on a visit to Zora’s Domain when he found many unlit torches in the area and hidden behind the waterfall. he used the flame from King Zora’s throne to light them and reveal a hidden treasure.

-Link went to Lord Jabu Jabu’s Shrine to find it frozen over and the big fish gone. in the ditance on one of the floatin chunks of ice, he could make out the faint shape of a heart.

-Once Link had the Iron Boots and Zora Tunic, he plunged to the deep depths of the shrine to find what Jabu Jabu had left behind.

-One of the walls of Death Mountain’s Crater was full of foot holes for link to sink his feet into. There in the ceneter of the wall he found a heart piece.

-When Link learned the Bolero of Fire from Shiek, he returned to the creter as a child and planted a magic bean. As an adult Link found that the plant didn’t die but flourished in the heat of the crater. It lead him straight to a heart piece.

-Once Link had lit all the torches on Goron cities ground floor, the big urn in the center started to turn. Before the Goron’s could do anything Link started throwing bombs into it. The urn gave prizes at random.

-When Link was young he went to the fishing pond and tried his luck and patience. He happened to catch the biggest fish the pond had to offer and was rewarded gratefully.

-Link found the lakeside laboratory scientist very stange but participated in his experiments anyway.When Link one day dove to the bottom of the pool in the Lab, The scientist was breathless and awarded him.

-Link planted a bean at Lake Hylia’s Laboratory to see what would happen. Later when he returned as an adult, he used it as an eleveator to the roff top and a piece of heart.(Can Also Use Scrarecrow’s Song)

-Link could either use a cucco or his hookshot to reach the crate on the ledge in Gerudo Valley to find the heart piece inside.

-Link yeat again used his hookshot or a cucco to find the secret camber behind the Waterfall in Gerudo Valley that contained a heart piece.

-Aa an Adult, Link gained the Gerudos trust by freeing the imprisoned carpenters. He then moved to the top of the fortress where prisoners were DROPPED into their cell. He then used his longshot to reach the treasure chest on the roof.

-Link became an expert archer at his adult age. He went to Gerudo’s Fortress and took his hand at horseback archery. He Broke their record of 1000 and received a heart piece.

-Link planted a magic bean as a youth in the desert oasis. he came back as an adult and it lead him to another heart piece.

If you want to become even more powerful when it comes to your stamina, go and see the great fairy in front of Ganon’s Castle after you have the Golden Gaunlets. She will reduce enemies damage by half.

3DS | Submitted by Spencer Ausban

Defeat Queen Gohma In Three Hits

To defeat Queen Gohma in three hits guaranteed you must have at least three deku sticks. When her eye is open for attack, get out a deku stick and do a jump attack with it. Repeat three times and she will die.


3DS | Submitted by julien

Unbreakable Deku Stick

To get a stick that will not break, go to Zora’s Domain, and go to King Zora. Make sure that you have two sticks if you want it to work correctly. An easy way to get them is to enter the store, then exit and break the jars. There is one that will have a stick in it each time you exit the store. When you have two or more, go to the stair thingy in front of King Zora, and jump toward the right side of the ledge that he is sitting on. While in the air, hit the ledge with the deku stick. It will break in half, but you will still keep the bottom half in your hand. It cannot break, since it is already broken. The only way to get rid of it is to burn it, or to put it away. There are other areas where this works, especially around the big lake, but I cannot remember where they are.


3DS | Submitted by Spencer Ausban

Unlimited Rupees

To get an unlimited amount of gold rupees you need to get all 100 gold skultullas. When you have them all go to the spider house and talk to the father. He will give you 200 rupees. Go out and come back in and talk to the father and he will give you another 200 rupees. Do this as much as you want.

3DS | Submitted by gamecheater217

Free Milk

To get free milk you just have to go up to any cow in the game and play Epona’s song. After you play it they should get happy and give you free milk if you have an empty bottle.

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