The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor teaser is Skyrim, but not as we know it

For Elder Scrolls Online fans, a new CGI tease for Greymoor (opens in new tab) is proof that the expansion – which will take players to Skyrim – is shaping up to be one of the most exciting yet. 

Greymoor will be released for PC on May 26 and Xbox One and PS4 on June 9, but you can get a glimpse of the launch day cinematic above. Two words: werewolf arm! Taking place 1000 years before we visited the area in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, the new storyline features a vampire lord, a new trial complete with a Sea Giants, and a brand new Antiquities system.

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“Two of the key pillars around any Elder Scrolls game revolve around lore and exploration – it’s something that our players expect and love. Antiquities is really just an extension of that love – where you get to explore all of Tamriel, hunting for cool relics and learning more about Tamriel’s history,” explained Rich Lambert, creative director.

“In addition, with ESO hitting the six-year mark this year, we were looking for a way to change up how players could play the game in a new unique way. Combining our players’ love for lore and exploration in this way just seemed like a no-brainer to us.”

While the game might be going through a serious goth phase with Greymoor, fans of some of the quirkier ESO content won’t be disappointed. 

“While the main story path has a much darker, gothic feel – there are lots of fun, quirky side quests throughout. Some our your favorite goofballs are back to help with that – characters like Narsis Dren and Rigurt the Brash just to name a few,” promises Lambert. 

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The game takes us back to Skyrim, and gives ESO lore nerds a chance to experience the dark history of the region, long before the events of Elder Scrolls 5. Lambert expects player to still feel “an instant sense of familiarity” with the region.

“Solitude especially feels like home. As you start to dig deeper, and explore more of Western Skyrim you will notice subtle differences – we are almost 1000 years in the past, so things will be a bit different. Once you make it to Blackreach, a whole new world opens up. There is a huge underground to explore, much of it never seen before.”

The latest news from Bethesda means we’re a long way out from any new Elder Scrolls 6 (opens in new tab)news, but here’s what we do know

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