TANK! TANK! TANK! preview – 3 guesses as to what this game is about

One of the Wii U games on display at Nintendo’s E3 booth was TANK! TANK! TANK!, an arcade-y competitive or cooperative battle-game by Namco Bandai. After snapping a photo of each member of our 4-person team, we hopped into a nimble green tank and started blasting away. The goal was to take down 100 spiders in 2 minutes. Weapon picks up drop from downed foes so you can upgrade to missiles, machine guns and other fun artillery.

When the spiders were cleared, we moved onto the next stage and were up against a three-headed robotic sea dragon. Apparently there will be a single player campaign once the game ships, perhaps to explain the reason why we’re up against oversized robots. But really, do we honestly need a reason? TANK! TANK! TANK! was certainly entertaining, even though we didn’t exactly wipe the floor with our firing skills. The other mode available on display was essentially a free-for-all and the game supports up to four players, three using the television and the person holding the game pad will play from their own screen.

No release date has been set yet, but we’ll have more news on the Wii U in the coming months.

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