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New modes, new maps and revamped everything should make stabbing friends in the back even more fun

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Capcom HD remixes one of their finest moments

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Arguably Mario’s finest title and a pretty good Kirby game added to Nintendo’s downloadable apology

QOTW: Question 170: What GBA games do you want added to 3DS? (opens in new tab)
Nintendo’s revealedseven of the 10 free GBA games current 3DS gamers will get to download, which leaves three unknowns. Which Game Boy Advance classics are left that you’re hoping Nintendo will give away as part of its price cut apology? Let us know in the forums!

In the

Above: Grimm got to compare Blankas with the Street Fighter developers, then he recorded this FAP

Above: Chris’ Donald Duck meetsGrimm’s prize for winning the inter-office Street Fighter tournament

Above: Brett spent his vacation with his best friend

Above: The team exercising their fake Second Amendment rights

Above: The Holy crap! It’s the third episode of Dead Island: Secret Origins!!!

In the

Above: Batman5273 (This was so good we made it the TDar 169 official art)

Above: Bladdercat

Above: Grabboids

Above: MrSuitMan’s collection of TDar’s made-up characters

Above: YouTube user WillisTron made our website a shockingly good theme song

Post date: August 5, 2011
T-Dar166 length: 1:20:30
Intro song by: Anamanaguchi
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