Are the PS4 servers down? The outage seems to be over for most users

Something brought the PS4 servers down for many players, though it seems to be coming back online now.

Outage tracking site Downdetector (opens in new tab) logged just short of 20,000 reports of issues for PlayStation Network in the last two hours as of 3:30pm EST on June 3. Thankfully, the issue seems to be trailing off. The official PlayStation Network service status page (opens in new tab) has not yet made any mention of issues that could bring the PS4 servers down, and we’re still waiting on an official announcement from the Ask PlayStation Twitter account (opens in new tab).

If you’re experiencing network difficulties, you may be able to fix them by ensuring your console is updated to the latest version. Either look for a notification in your system tray or head to your system settings to search for an update manually. Even if your console’s offline, you should still be able to play any of the offline games you’ve already downloaded. That includes your full selection of free PS Plus games (opens in new tab), assuming your console has been able to connect to the internet to verify you’re still a subscriber relatively recently.

We’ll update this story when we hear any more information from Sony about what may have caused the outage, and you can keep this page bookmarked for any future updates if you find the PS4 servers down in the future.

While you’re waiting for your console to come back online, find out what you should play next with our guide to the best PS4 games (opens in new tab).

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