Pokemon Go Mega Manectric Raid guide and counters

These Pokemon Go Mega Manectric Raid guide and counters will help you catch the go-to Electric-type option to take on Flying and Water-type Pokemon in Pokemon Go. The powerful ‘mon returns for a limited run in Mega Raids so get ready for a fight.

Starting Tuesday, April 5 until Tuesday, April 12, Mega Manectric will be appearing in Mega Raids around the world. With such a limited window to obtain the Mega Energy needed to perform the evolution, Pokemon Go trainers will want to take the easiest and quickest routes to defeating this powerful Pokemon.

Luckily, we’ve compiled this guide to everything Mega Manectric. Need a number of options to take on Mega Manectric? We got it. Want to know what moves Mega Manectric will use against you? We got that too.

And with the addition of new Pokemon – and Megas – in Pokemon Go since the last time Mega Manectric appeared, this guide will give some new insight into the upcoming battle. 

Pokemon Go Mega Manectric Raid Counters

Pokemon Go Mega Manectric Raid

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Mega Manectric is a pure Electric-type making it weak to just Ground-type attacks. Last time Mega Manectric appeared in Raids, Mega Steelix wasn’t out yet. And while there were still plenty of strong Ground types to take it on, being able to have Mega Steelix on your team will help immensely. 

Unfortunately, Mega Steelix doesn’t have the best Ground-type attacks. Dragon Tail is its most viable Fast Attack against Mega Manectric, while Earthquake is the only Ground move it has to use. However, using Mega Steelix just to boost the Ground-type attacks of your team is worth the slot. 

To go along with Mega Steelix, there are plenty of non-Mega options. Mamoswine, Excadrill, Golurk and Krookodile are all viable options that are obtainable relatively easily. 

Ground-type Legendaries will really help trainers in this battle. Groudon and Landrous – both its Incarnate and Theran Formes – are very powerful and have the moves to take down Mega Manectric easily. 

Garchomp, the Dragon and Ground-type pseudo legendary, is a premiere option for Mega Manectric Raids. Its typing can resist just about all of its moves – more on that later – and it has the moves to deal tons of damage quickly.

Here is a list of great Mega Manectric counters with their optimal movesets.

Mega Manectric Counters Pokemon Moveset GarchompMud Shot and Earth PowerMega SteelixDragon Tail and EarthquakeRhyperiorMud Slap and EarthquakeMamoswineMud Slap and BulldozeExcadrillMud Slap and EarthquakeLandorus (Therian Forme)Mud Shot and Earth PowerGarchompMud Shot and Earth PowerGroudon Mud Shot and Earth PowerGolurkMud Slap and Earth PowerKrookodileMud Slap and EarthquakeLandorus (Incarnate Forme)Mud Shot and Earth Power

Mega Manectric Moveset

Being an Electric-type, Mega Manectric will likely come at opponents with at least one attack of the same type.

Charge Beam and Thunder Fang are two Electric-type Fast Moves that Mega Manectric has and will deal STAB-increased damage to all Pokemon that don’t resist it. The only types that resist Electric moves are Ground, Dragon, Grass and other Electric types. That’s why Pokemon like Garchomp that can resist it are ideal for this battle. 

The Dark-type attack Snarl is Mega Manectric’s third and final Fast Attack option. While there’s only a 33 percent shot it has the move, it does deal super effective damage to Psychic and Ghost types like Golurk. On the other hand, Dark types like Krookodile will actually resist all of Mega Manectric’s moves.

As for its Charged Moves, Mega Manectric will either bring an Electric or Fire-type attack into battle. Mega Manectric has four different Charged Move options, with Overheat and Flame Burst being its Fire-type options, and Wild Charge and Thunder as its Electric options. Ground types shouldn’t have an issue if Mega Manectric is packing the two Electric moves, but if the Mega has one of the Fire moves then it may be an issue for a handful of Pokemon.

Mega Steelix, Mammoswine and Excadrill are weak to Fire-type moves so trainers will have to be aware if Manectric has it. On the contrary, Pokemon including Rhyperior and Garchomp resist all of Manectric’s Charged Move options.

Utilizing the recommended team page before entering the battle can give trainers a heads up of what to expect.

Here are all of Mega Manectric’s move options when you go up against it.

Mega Manectric Moveset Fast Move Charged Move SnarlThunderCharge BeamWild ChargeThunder FangFlame BurstOverheat

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