Miss BioShock? Get hyped for The Black Glove, now with PS4 support

If you’re like me, you fell your knees and wailed in unfathomable anguish when you heard the news of Irrational Games’ closure earlier this year. (And if you didn’t, well, were you even really a fan?) It hurt to hear that the studio was no more, and that there may never again be a title that captures the bizarre but compelling atmosphere that the beloved ‘Shock games did. But pull yourself out of that eight-month supply of chunky monkey, because there’s good news! While Irrational is gone, Day for Night Games has risen from its ashes with a brand new game, The Black Glove. The title in full-on Kickstarter mode and will be hitting both PC and PS4 if its goal is reached.

In The Black Glove, you play as the new curator of a 1920s theatre called The Equinox that is sadly down on its luck. Not only is the work of its in-house artists lackluster, but it’s dealing with space-time fluctuations and paradoxes that are doing a number on business. Using these time-rifts to your advantage, you reach into the artists’ pasts to change the present, drastically altering the state of the theatre with the smallest adjustments. In the process you have to deal with mysterious specters, a snarky video game minotaur (which makes a physical appearance in the theatre too, suggesting reality-crossing shenanigans) and art critics to make The Equinox the best that it can be.

As veteran Irrational developers–from Senior Artists to Technical Producers–the folks at Day for Night Games have launched The Black Glove as a labor of love. “We’ve been funding The Black Glove out of pocket and developing the game while juggling freelance assignments. What you see is what we’ve done in our spare time,” the company noted in their description of the game. “Just think about what we could accomplish with your Kickstarter backing.”

Day for Night has nabbed the hearts of an audience left wanting after the loss of BioShock. It’s hard to blame them, since capturing the otherworldly and unnerving atmosphere of Rapture or Columbia takes an artistic magic that’s hard to nail down. But with the original creators stepping up to promise us more of the stuff we love with some brand new twists (cyberpunk influences? “Day of the Dead folk art”?), how can you help but want to dive right in? And dive in you should, because with a little over a week to go and ground yet to cover, fans are going to be a critical part of making this project a reality.

Want to see more? Want to support the project? (I’ve definitely shoved my money in this game’s direction.) Ignored all the other times I posted a link to the Kickstarter page? Well, here it is again, so you can form your world to have this game in it. My, how intriguing.

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