Microsoft Flight Simulator is coming to Xbox Series X in Summer 2021

Microsoft Flight Simulator is coming to Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S in the summer.

During The Game Awards 2020 last night, it was announced that Microsoft Flight Simulator will be coming to the next-gen consoles next year. The game is already available to play on PC but, as of Summer 2021, will be playable on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

The reveal was made through a new gameplay trailer, which you can watch below, and is captured in real-time 4K on Xbox Series X.

With the game running on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, players will reportedly get to experience the same level of depth and complexity that fans of the sim have come to enjoy and love on PC.

Jorg Neumann, head of Microsoft Flight Simulator, said in a new blog post (opens in new tab), “For the first time, we wanted to give more aspiring pilots a chance to take flight by bringing this robust simulation to consoles.”

“From light planes to wide-body jets, you’ll test your piloting skills against the challenges of real-time weather including accurate wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity, rain, and lighting – all in a dynamic and living world. With the power of satellite data and cloud-based AI, you’ll travel the entire planet in amazing detail with over 37 thousand airports, 2 million cities, 1.5 billion buildings, real mountains, roads, trees, rivers, animals, traffic, and more.”

Microsoft Flight Simulator will also be available on the Xbox Game Pass on launch day.

Check out how someone flew to another country in Microsoft Simulator while on the same flight in real life.

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