Marvelous! Its the GamesRadar UK Podcast Question Box

So this is the GamesRadar UK Podcast Question Box. As of right now it’s officially a bi-weekly regular. Every other Friday we’ll invite you to come inside the GRUK Question Box and leave a deposit. By which we mean leave a question or a comment or an observation or a terrifying intention to love/harm any or all members of the GRUK team. Anything you want really. We will then feature as many of these valued contributions as possible on the following week’s GamesRadar UK Podcast. Here’s a picture of the GRUK Podcast Question Box™. It might look like a mere empty receptacle right now (because it is), but when it’s stuffed to bursting with your questions it will become something quite wonderful:

What should you ask? Why, that is a question for you to answer. We’ll be engaging in plenty of that sort of business ourselves in the actual podcast. But you can ask us anything you want that’s game-related (or even not game-related if you fancy it, or just plain don’t like games and have wandered here by mistake but really like the cut of our jib). If you’re stumped for ideas, fertile ground upon which to sow your musings might be Sony’s purchase of cloud gaming company Gaikai (opens in new tab). Or maybe the recent debate over the Wii U’s power (opens in new tab) between Nintendo’s Satoru Itawa and Microsoft’s Phil Spencer. Just don’t ask about the NiGHTS HD re-release (opens in new tab). Justin is just dying for you to ask about that.

Also, as is becoming traditional now, we’ll have a guest on the podcast this week. This time round it will be Iain Wilson, PSM3 Magazine’s Mr. Trophy. He’s a thundering great overlord when it comes to digging out game secrets and beating really hard things, so that might be yet another avenue you wish to pursue.

Either way though, the podcast will be great. But it will be even better if you ask us loads of stuff so that we can answer it.

Put your questions in our box. Via the comments below. And then feel free to peruse our treasury of previous aural delights by way of our archive (opens in new tab) of ye old past podcasts.

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